Couples fashion

Hi lovelies!!!

Today’s post may seem cocky to most people but I guess that makes me the queen of cocky…I’m mushy and matchy,so don’t blame me if I find couples kinda dressing the same cute!I honestly think if you do it in the right way,it will work so well!

Here are some looks that just killed it for me.I think if you are brave enough,DO IT!!!


This is just the exact same outfit in different sizes,i like it.







So the above were complete similar outfits,but you can also have a slight difference in the clothes but that have a similar theme.


I love this look!!!!when the girl goes all manly suited up but still got the girly splash on it.


Same colours of the outfit,cute!!!This is for those who are taking a more subtle approach to matching.


Again,colour coordination works.


My all time fav!!!Don’t tell me you do not love this!!!My fam is soo gonna do this,..its too adorable.

So for all the cocky couples out there,it is ok to match,once in a while though.Don’t be looking the same everyday,now that would be



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