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How to wear Denim shirts-ladies

Thank God for Levi Strauss and a Reno Nevada-based Latvian tailor by the name of Jacob Davis,these are the guys who brought denim into life back in the 19thCentury. Now Denim shirts are all over the place,in every store or market.The only problem is we always find ourselves wearing them in the same exact way!!We have limited its creativity and thats sad because denim is like the staple food of fashion.

Here is my top looks to have with a denim shirt:

1.Denim with white pants


You must admit these first two looks are clean,they bring off a smart casual kind of feel..I would wear this to work(my job isn’t an office job anyway).Its sophisticated and a tad bit official.You got a denim shirt? Match it with white denim pants and official shoes. The third look is abit more edgy and rugged for the bad girl look.

2.Denim with black skirt

Image Image

This is a must have in your closet!!This look is good for outdoor day events,probably a first date outfit(its laid back but has class).I think its cute.

3.Denim with leggings


This is a mixture of edgy and cute.The boots definitely bring out the ruggedness but the shirt on leggings is very girl next door.It is such an on campus casual look and can also work for a hangout with friends at the mall.For this outfit I would say that it is rocked better by those with smaller frames.

4.Denim shirt as jacket


Layering the shirt on a dress makes the look kind of official for some reason,but its one of the out of the box looks Im loving.Its chic and the shoes!Oh the shoes!Im going to stop there.

5.Denim on Denim


Denim on denim is a look that needs caution when wearing.First,dont have the same shade of denim!!Ever!Always have the shirt darker than the pants or vise versa.

6.Denim on colour



Whether its your red,green,yellow,pink skinny jeans or even your khaki jeans and shorts,denim is your friend!!

7.The official denim girl


Who knew putting a jacket on anything made it automatically look official???

Well this marks the end of my denim shirt love,however theres soo much more to do with this shirt!!be limitless,go crazy with different prints on it…denim is here to stay!!


Enjoy Denim.