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Dungarees are back!!

Everyone at a point of their childhood wore dungarees.Right?

I had a couple,my favorite was a red jeans dungaree and it was dope!!

So of late Ive seen the trend back,my pinterest is testament to that!

So I picked up one of my best looks to show you.

Full length dungaree
Maroon always kills it!

Dress dungarees

So thats just a few of the cool looks Ive seen this year on dungarees,…Im going shopping for one,or two,or three,hmmm.



For petites:How to elongate your height

Power to the short ladies all over the world!!! I’m short,I’m 5 feet 2 inches, and I never realized how short I am until I stand with someone facing a mirror and I’m like woah!! For some of us we are comfortable with this height but once in a while we wanna look a tad bit taller just for the sake,so I will give a few tips I have learnt from everywhere on how to make you appear taller in a few. There’s lots of celebrities who are below 5’3 and most people do not notice because they know how to dress their height.

Jada Picket Smith 4'11
Jada Picket Smith 4’11
Victoria Beckham 5'4
Victoria Beckham 5’3

short eva-longoria 5'2

Snooki 4’8
Kim Kadarsgian 5’2
short ladies
Eva Longoria 5’2 Victoria 5’3

So here are the tips I came up with after research

1.Necklines are a big deal!!

Having low necklines elongate your look.So whether it is a long v-neck or a curved neck dress or top,low cut is better for us shorties.

v necklines are a plus
v necklines are a plus

2.Monochrome dressing

While it is fun to mix and match colored tops and bottoms, be wary of doing so because this practice can break up the vertical line of your silhouette. A monochromatic outfit, on the other hand, can really help lengthen your appearance. If you want to add a splash of color, you can wear a light to medium colored blouse with dark pants or skirt; finish off the outfit with a jacket, blazer, or cardigan in a color that matches your bottoms.


3.Choose your patterns and stripes

Avoid wearing clothes with horizontal lines because they make you look wider and shorter than you really are. Large patterns can also overpower your small frame so you should also avoid them. Instead, choose clothes with vertical stripes, vertical pleats, and long lapels to help elongate you. Clothes with small patterns are stylish without adding on width so they are good to wear. shorts2

4.Maxi or mini

Maxi dresses in a slimming color or print and with more fitted skirts can also be worn; they look good paired with heels. As for skirts, you can go for the short or the long, but nothing at mid-calf or at the ankle. Avoid high-waist skirts because they can cut your body’s vertical line, making you look wide and short. short maxi eva short mini


If you don’t want to wear stilettos, then pick shoes with heels that aren’t too chunky. You should also remember to avoid wearing shoes or sandals that have ankle straps. Ankle straps can thicken the leg and make you appear short. Shoes with open or pointed toes, whether they are heels or flats, can give the illusion of height. Avoid ankle boots and black shoes unless you are wearing black stockings withe black shoes.Avoid gladiator sandals!!!!!Also avoid mid calf boots and high top sneakers as they cut of the leg making it appear short. Go for nude heels,heels close to your skin colour so it blends with your skin to give the illusion of long legs


Also knee high boots or long boots do elongate the leg. knee-high-boots-2


And there are my tips on how to elongate your height visually,I follow these principles and they work for me,but my ultimate “look tall” look is dressing in all black,this is because it slims and gives an illusion of height.

Know how to dress your body.

Later lovelies!

Couples fashion

Hi lovelies!!!

Today’s post may seem cocky to most people but I guess that makes me the queen of cocky…I’m mushy and matchy,so don’t blame me if I find couples kinda dressing the same cute!I honestly think if you do it in the right way,it will work so well!

Here are some looks that just killed it for me.I think if you are brave enough,DO IT!!!


This is just the exact same outfit in different sizes,i like it.







So the above were complete similar outfits,but you can also have a slight difference in the clothes but that have a similar theme.


I love this look!!!!when the girl goes all manly suited up but still got the girly splash on it.


Same colours of the outfit,cute!!!This is for those who are taking a more subtle approach to matching.


Again,colour coordination works.


My all time fav!!!Don’t tell me you do not love this!!!My fam is soo gonna do this,..its too adorable.

So for all the cocky couples out there,it is ok to match,once in a while though.Don’t be looking the same everyday,now that would be creepy..lol..


Go bigger on braids!

I know braids has been the most basic hair do for any african and african american since forever.But I think we have been in a comfort zone of only thin box braids and thin average twists.

Solange in Box braids
Solange in Box braids
box braids
box braids

I think the usual box braids have been overdone and everyone has them,I mean its great but we must expand our braids adventures into bigger and thicker and a tad bit more rugged braids and twists.

So I will introduce for those that dont know,a new wave of twists.

Havana,Marley and Jumbo twists.

Havana twists
Havana twists
Havana twists
Havana twists
Marley twist
Marley twist
Marley twists
Marley twists
Jumbo twists
Jumbo twists

jumbo twists

Now I just love this,bigger is better,though it may not last as long as the smaller braids but they sure look great and add a little vavum to your look.

I did it too,and will definitely keep going bigger.

Marley twists
Marley twists
Me in my marley twists
Me in my marley twists

Power to the big braids!!

Tribute to the tomboy

I used to be a tomboy,I believe 65% of girls have passed the tomboy stage at one point of their lives.I mean its fun!Doing what guys do,dressing like guys do,chilling and being part of the crew,one of the boys and all.I loved it.

People assume tomboy fashion is oversized clothing everywhere like the rappers in the 90’s but hey,we moved on too with the times!Theres a whole new world on the tomboy style,check some of my likes.


Almost formal but casual look…take any shirt,throw a sweater on it,get staight leg demin pants and sneakers or jordans to complete the look.

ImageArmy jacket!!totally tomboy,but this time get some skinny jeans and instead of the same ol timberlands,get the lady version in heels,love it!!

ImageIf you going for the whole typical tomboy,you got your letterman jacket,snapback and jordans in one colour!get G’d up! Wait i think I have a letterman jacket too,hmm,lemme see…Image

…but i glammed mine up in pink,ha…anyway moving on…


Casual go to outfit,laid back and easy.

So these are just a few of the tomboy fashion I love.

Many say tomboys may have alil bit of low self esteem or dont know their value as women but I beg to differ,being a tomboy is just a language,they dont have to expose it all coz they have it,they are secure.I was a tomboy,I still am,kinda,I mean I love the style,Its empowering too.

Shout out to my tomboys!!


Fashion Speaks,listen.

“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality.”-Karl Lagerfeld

I am not the fashion mogul of all times,maybe not yet.But I do understand its language.This blog is my haven of fashion stories and tales,we talk fashion vocabulary and walk in the reality of it.

Now fashion to me,is so individualistic yet so corporate that it cant be fixed.So I will be free.Classy.Chic.Tomboy.Elegant.Trendy.Elegant.Bohemian.Gothic.Edgy.Modest.Vintage.Oldschool.Newage.Weddings.Official.Runway.Costumes.etc

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So journey with me as we discover the language fashion.