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Tribute to the tomboy

I used to be a tomboy,I believe 65% of girls have passed the tomboy stage at one point of their lives.I mean its fun!Doing what guys do,dressing like guys do,chilling and being part of the crew,one of the boys and all.I loved it.

People assume tomboy fashion is oversized clothing everywhere like the rappers in the 90’s but hey,we moved on too with the times!Theres a whole new world on the tomboy style,check some of my likes.


Almost formal but casual look…take any shirt,throw a sweater on it,get staight leg demin pants and sneakers or jordans to complete the look.

ImageArmy jacket!!totally tomboy,but this time get some skinny jeans and instead of the same ol timberlands,get the lady version in heels,love it!!

ImageIf you going for the whole typical tomboy,you got your letterman jacket,snapback and jordans in one colour!get G’d up! Wait i think I have a letterman jacket too,hmm,lemme see…Image

…but i glammed mine up in pink,ha…anyway moving on…


Casual go to outfit,laid back and easy.

So these are just a few of the tomboy fashion I love.

Many say tomboys may have alil bit of low self esteem or dont know their value as women but I beg to differ,being a tomboy is just a language,they dont have to expose it all coz they have it,they are secure.I was a tomboy,I still am,kinda,I mean I love the style,Its empowering too.

Shout out to my tomboys!!